Mustang Sally’s

Okay I’m literally drooling just thinking about writing a post on this favourite lunch spot. Since our first date, roughly 5 years ago, my fiance has been talking about this magical restaurant that used to be here in St. John’s but had unfortunately ended up closing. He bragged about their nachos, quesadillas, but most of all their wraps.

Now you can imagine the excitement in his face when he told me that he had heard rumors of Mustang Sally’s being re-opened under new management. I figured I would at least give it a try, but my hopes weren’t high since I thought he may have talked the place up so much that there was no way it would meet the expectations that I had, but oh my was I wrong! Now Mustang Sally’s has also become one of my favourite places to eat in the St. John’s area!

I’m an extremely picky eater, but I have gotten better as I have become more adventurous with trying new foods (I think this came from needing to eat to survive while traveling in countries where it was hard to find someone who spoke much English), but one of the best things about eating at Mustang Sally’s is you can get exactly what you want and they don’t roll their eyes or look at you weird when you ask for strange combinations. The best part is that you get the convenience of the Sub style ordering where you choose exactly what you want and there are tons of options, especially when it comes to the sauce selection!

Since there are so many options, we try to make sure we change up at least one thing every time we go, that could be the type of wrap, adding or taking away something we put on the wrap or changing up the sauce. Clearly the wraps are our favourite but the other choices are just as tasty.

A few other awesome benefits to eating at this restaurant are; the laid back and chill atmosphere, the friendly staff who check in to make sure everything is good, the price is deadly, the fresh ingredients, the speedy service and as a bonus they now have beer and wine on tap!

Now from my fiance, here is a poem about Mustang Sally’s to show just how much he loves the place. (If you read it as a terrible rap song is sounds much better!)

I’m walking down Water and I’m super hungry.
Need some delicious food gettin in my tummy.
Needs to be somewhere good where my buck can be a bang.
Walk into the store front with the giant Mustang.

Buddy asked me ‘What do you want today?’
‘Large wrap on sundried’ is what I say.
Cover it with steak and noodles too.
And throw in some beans but only a few.

Jalapenos and banana peppers to make it hot.
Cover it with cheese, yeah give me a lot.
A wrap just how I like it, feelin like a boss.
Finish it off with some Sally’s Secret Sauce.


Have you ever eaten at Mustang Sally’s, perhaps even the original location? What are some of your favorite casual local spots to dine? We’d love to try them out. Leave your suggestions below!



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