Sci-Fi on the Rock

Lannisters, Disney Princesses and R2D2s Oh My! Where can you find an awesome combination of fantasy and science fiction all wrapped up into a fun filled weekend in St. John’s?  Sci-Fi on the Rock! I know some of you may be thinking, “Sure I like Game of Thrones but there’s no way I’m going to a Science Fiction convention!”-  And I totally understand! My first year I popped in just to look at the vendors, my second year I planned my visit around when I wanted to attend a session to meet a celebrity and next year I may be brave enough to try a few more events. My point is that Sci-Fi on the Rock literally has something for everyone!

I’ve got to admit I do have an inner geeky side and I always have. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, recently Star Wars, any type of fantasy novel, and of course a HUGE Disney fan. I have always loved the fantasy world but when I first heard of a Sci-Fi convention I was very hesitant to check it out. When you hear  ‘ComicCon’ you tend to picture every person there dressed up in impressive costumes and knowing every single fact about every aspect of Sci-Fi, but that’s not the case! (Of course you will have people who you wouldn’t want to have against you in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, but just because you’re not at their level doesn’t mean you can’t check out a convention.) I mean there’s no test in order to walk through the door, Gandalf isn’t going to stand in front of you and say “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” because you’re not wearing the proper elven ears with your Legolas costume . Oh and did I mention that Disney is totally included in this Sci-Fi and Fantasy awesomness! Yes, dressing up like a disney princess and finding disney related items is a thing there! The scope of what’s considered Sci-Fi and fantasy is huge which makes it even more relatable to so many people!

So enough about me trying to convince you that Sci-Fi on the Rock is for you, I’ll explain a bit more about my experience. Like I said, my first year all I did was walk through the vendor’s area and I quickly realized this place was a magical land. There was a Tardis in the corner of the room (yes I tried to open it hoping David Tennant was there to take me with him to be his companion..) and there were people selling all sorts of things. I left with some pretty cool Doctor Who magnets, bookmarks and my Fiance got a Sonic Screwdriver pen. This year we decided to be a bit more brave and expand our convention experience, we met a Lannister! Lancel Lannister – or, rather, Eugene Simon – was attending the convention and we got to listen to his talk about his experiences on Game of Thrones and another show called House of Anubis (which I am now going to check out!), and afterwards we met him and got his autograph! I mean what an experience! He was so nice and down to earth and not to mention gorgeous! I’m still starstruck from meeting him and may have his autograph framed next to my couch…

We then walked around the hotel checking out the vendors and ended up getting some more Doctor Who memorabilia for our house. I’ve got to say that even the vendors were super nice and friendly! Everyone was welcoming and the environment was full of excitement. R2D2 was going around interacting with visitors and put a smile on everyone’s face! The costumes were magnificent and everyone seemed very happy to take pictures to show off all of their hard work in creating their costumes. There were so many activities and it went from Friday to Sunday. There were movies, karaoke, a dance, celebrities, activities for kids, a costume contest and the list goes on! The staff was also very helpful and even had colour coordinated shirts so they would be easy to find. They seemed to have went with a Star Trek theme with their committee members in yellow shirts, volunteers in blue shirts and security in red shirts…. Poor red shirts..

So next spring when you start seeing ads for Sci-Fi on the Rock 11 check out the schedule, see what sorts of things you’d be interested in or just go to walk around to see what it’s all about. I can promise you you won’t be disappointed! Let your inner geek come out to enjoy a local convention and ‘May the odds be ever in your favour’.

If you have recommendations on what people should do at the upcoming convention or great stories about your experiences, feel free to share them with us!



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