Sci-Fi on the Rock

Lannisters, Disney Princesses and R2D2s Oh My! Where can you find an awesome combination of fantasy and science fiction all wrapped up into a fun filled weekend in St. John’s?  Sci-Fi on the Rock! I know some of you may be thinking, “Sure I like Game of Thrones but there’s no way I’m going to a Science Fiction convention!”-  And I totally understand! My first … Continue reading Sci-Fi on the Rock

Mustang Sally’s

Okay I’m literally drooling just thinking about writing a post on this favourite lunch spot. Since our first date, roughly 5 years ago, my fiance has been talking about this magical restaurant that used to be here in St. John’s but had unfortunately ended up closing. He bragged about their nachos, quesadillas, but most of all their wraps.

Now you can imagine the excitement in his face when he told me that he had heard rumors of Mustang Sally’s being re-opened under new management. I figured I would at least give it a try, but my hopes weren’t high since I thought he may have talked the place up so much that there was no way it would meet the expectations that I had, but oh my was I wrong! Now Mustang Sally’s has also become one of my favourite places to eat in the St. John’s area!

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